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Hats are not the only headwear back in fashion: caps have preceded with happiness! More discreet, they give an air more "sport" and rejuvenate the silhouette. Since the headgear is close to the face, it often upsets the image you made of yourself. It is not rare that you have difficulty accepting this new image.
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Many are those who think They don’t have a head for hat, but find them "class" on other people! In this respect, the caps are often an interesting alternative for all of you (and you are numerous) who do not yet dare to wear a hat (and we keep on trying to convince you: Pick-our "Hats" universe).

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  • Fitting your face
  • Hat size
  • Caring

Classic Baseball Velvet Classic Italy
Classic Italy Classic Baseball Velvet
Made in Italy
£ 30.00
Italian-irish Classic Italy
Classic Italy Italian-irish
Wool - polyester - acrylic - cotton - othe
Made in Italy
£ 27.50
Boston Gottmann
Gottmann Boston
Foldable: supple visor
£ 55.50
Hatteras Stetson
Stetson Hatteras
Classic Elegance
Hopsack wool
£ 84.50
Winston Wegener
Wegener Winston
Wool - polyester
Made in Italy
£ 34.00
Classic Gavroche Classic Italy
Classic Italy Classic Gavroche
Lining in polar wool (polyester)
£ 24.00
Carter Gottmann
Gottmann Carter
Wool and Virgin Wool
£ 50.50
Granada Alfonso D'Este
Alfonso D'Este Granada
Made in Italy
Curly wool
£ 64.00
Tropic Kangol
Kangol Tropic
Raised in the streets of New-York
Foldable openwork textile
£ 51.00
Jackson Earflaps Gottmann
Gottmann Jackson Earflaps
Modernity and Elegance
£ 56.50
Tokio  Alfonso D'Este
Alfonso D'Este Tokio
Made in Italy
Virgin wool
£ 76.90
My Cap B Couture
Couture My Cap
Choice of finishes
£ 39.50
Romando Alfonso D'Este
Alfonso D'Este Romando
Made in Italy
Natural fiber, Curly wool
£ 52.20£ 58  -10% 
Lucario Alfonso D'Este
Alfonso D'Este Lucario
Made in Italy
£ 127.90
Hatteras Donegal Wv Stetson
Stetson Hatteras Donegal Wv
Classic Elegance
£ 84.50
Taranto Aurega
Aurega Taranto
Lamb Leather
Supple and Flexible
£ 81.00
Kent Cord Stetson
Stetson Kent Cord
Vintage Look
£ 58.90
Peeves Driver Stetson
Stetson Peeves Driver
Mottled virgin wool
Thin and warm
£ 84.50
Eden Dasmarca
Dasmarca Eden
Polyester - wool - leather
Lining satin
£ 56.50
Lambswool Check Stetson
Stetson Lambswool Check
Lamb wool
Thermal property
£ 75.90
Xavier/312 Gottmann
Gottmann Xavier/312
Virgin wool
Lining: cotton
£ 59.90
Richmond-k/315 Gottmann
Gottmann Richmond-k/315
Foldable earflaps
Wool - Cashmere
£ 55.35£ 61.50  -10% 
Jackson K Gottmann
Gottmann Jackson K
Foldable earflaps
£ 59.90
Aveleen Bugatti Hats
Bugatti Hats Aveleen
100% wool
Visor: Genuine leather
£ 68.00
Rowland Classic Italy
Classic Italy Rowland
Mix of wool and synthetic fibers
Fleeced lining
£ 20.90
Cranbrook Patchwork Aussie Apparel
Aussie Apparel Cranbrook Patchwork
Wool - polyester
Cloth lining
£ 38.50
Ursa Laulhere
Laulhere Ursa
French making
Merino wool
£ 110.90
Polo K-2/315 Gottmann
Gottmann Polo K-2/315
Wool - cashmere
Foldable earflaps
£ 42.30£ 47  -10% 
Zoé Laulhere
Laulhere Zoé
French making
Diameter: 28 cm
£ 137.70£ 153  -10% 
Hereford Harris Tweed Stetson
Stetson Hereford Harris Tweed
Harris Tweed Certification
Leather frontal comfort band
£ 109.90
Earflap Herringbone Stetson
Stetson Earflap Herringbone
Classic Elegance
Foldable earflaps
£ 92.90
Flap Ears Corduroy Béton Ciré
Béton Ciré Flap Ears Corduroy
Adjustable size, drawstring
£ 75.90
Curve Visitor Winter Béton Ciré
Béton Ciré Curve Visitor Winter
Wool polyester
Lining in cotton
£ 78.50
Archie Bugatti Hats
Bugatti Hats Archie
Wool - polyester
Visor: 7 cm
£ 21.50
Oxford/324 Gottmann
Gottmann Oxford/324
Contemporary and Modern
£ 59.90
Classic Cap Linen Classic Italy
Classic Italy Classic Cap Linen
Linen - cotton
Cotton lining
£ 24.90
Ivy Cap Bleu Stetson
Stetson Ivy Cap Bleu
Classic Elegance
Lightweight and Supple
£ 58.90
Classic Duckbill Cotton Classic Italy
Classic Italy Classic Duckbill Cotton
Fitted cut
Made in Italy
£ 30.00
Double Flatcap Linen Classic Italy
Classic Italy Double Flatcap Linen
Made in Italy
Flat visor: 4 cm
£ 25.90
Hatteras Linen Stetson
Stetson Hatteras Linen
Classic Elegance
£ 75.90
Classic Baseball Cotton Classic Italy
Classic Italy Classic Baseball Cotton
Cotton stretch
Made in Italy
£ 30.00
Gawler Wegener
Wegener Gawler
Windbreaker and Supple
Textile: cotton - spandex
£ 24.00
Classic Baseball Maddalen Classic Italy
Classic Italy Classic Baseball Maddalen
Thin serge cotton
Made in Italy
£ 30.00
Excellor B Collection
Collection Excellor
Very wide shape
Thin textile: linen - cotton
£ 32.50
Cotton Due Toni Classic Italy
Classic Italy Cotton Due Toni
Cotton and velvet
Made in Italy
£ 32.50
Ewald Bugatti Hats
Bugatti Hats Ewald
Stretch FlexCity®
Elasticity and Comfort
£ 24.00
Reno 48-01 Gottmann
Gottmann Reno 48-01
Cotton - polyester
Cloth comfort band
£ 23.00
City B Collection
Collection City
Elegant and Timeless
Made in Italy
£ 30.00
Lucca Dasmarca
Dasmarca Lucca
Lightweight and Breathable
Genuine leather visor
£ 64.00
Classic Baseball Linen Classic Italy
Classic Italy Classic Baseball Linen
Made in Italy
£ 27.81£ 30.90  -10% 
Norton Wegener
Wegener Norton
Lightweight and Breathable
£ 16.50
Hatteras Cotton Linen Stetson
Stetson Hatteras Cotton Linen
Classic Elegance
Anti-UV protection 40+
£ 58.90
Essential B Collection
Collection Essential
Peak: 7 cm
£ 13.90
Mogano B Collection
Collection Mogano
Made in Italy
£ 38.50
Ivy Cap Linen 2 Stetson
Stetson Ivy Cap Linen 2
Classic Elegance
£ 67.50
Girasole B Collection
Collection Girasole
Made in Italy
Wide shape
£ 41.00
Jude Dasmarca
Dasmarca Jude
Visor underlined by a pop colour
Linen - cotton - leather
£ 64.00
Hippy Canvas Djinn's
Djinn's Hippy Canvas
Linen and artificial silk
Lightweight and Breathable
£ 22.50
Classic Duckbill Linen Classic Italy
Classic Italy Classic Duckbill Linen
Made in Italy
£ 30.00
Brazil Aussie Apparel
Aussie Apparel Brazil
Light faded effect
£ 25.90

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Blog & Guide, Tips - Caps

With my cap, from beginning to end!

Everybody with their cap, and styles will be respected! No possible betrayal when placed on the head. True totem, the one of the clan you belong, guarantor of your well-being and allure, nothing more and nothing less!

There exist different versions today, be it in the shapes or the styles, from the famous gavroche – indispensable accessory of the “Titi Parisian” – to the Irish, the duckbill or even the youngest and most casual of all: the baseball cap. And you can own them by dozens…they’re not jealous!

For a relaxed or chic look, classy or original, surf according to your desires and discover a unique range in limited edition.

The traditional ones: Grandpa’s caps or vintage style?

At that time, every single worker displayed their headwear, an integrated element to their work uniforms.

The gatsby and the gavroche, long ago symbol of that working class, has paradoxically become an accessory full of elegance nowadays. It completes a refined outfit – with its retro-chic side – and a relaxed one as well, in a bohemian spirit.

The Baseball: Curved or flat visor?

It’s this sport that democratized the use of this model in the 30s with its curved visor and the favorite team blazon well displayed on the front of the cap.

The flat-visor version has also become an emblem of the hip hop culture, and its success is still gaining ground.

The very trendy curved version in the 80s and 90s is becoming again today very famous. You can see it very often on the heads of stars, through paparazzi’s robbed shots. This one has in fact the particularity to hide the face.

Let’s forget the visor: Ladies and gentlemen, the Beret!

For women and men as well, the French beret – national heritage and symbol of the Frenchstyle refinement and chic is also becoming again so a very modern accessory that entirely dedicated shops are opening in Japan and in the USA.

Just as the cap, it’s worn according to your mood or the desired style, largely tipped on a side or towards the back of the skull, or very rammed to reach the ears.

You’ve caught on: regardless of your style, your age, your daily mood or the function for which you’re using it, there’ll be inevitably cap or a beret for you.

Specialist online shop for caps. Our online shop offers you a wide range of caps with various styles: trucker caps, flat caps, gavroche caps, baseball caps, and kid caps. Classic or original, navigate through our rich and complete selection of the trendiest models with a particular stress on quality and authenticity.

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