October 26, 2017

Determining the quality of your felt hat.

Our system X



Examples of Felts



Round felt



Wool felt



Wool felt Litefelt



Wool & rabbit hairs mix



Rabbit hairs



Beaver hairs or rabbit or mix



Beaver hairs or rabbit or mix

The System X is a rating system that has been created to try to assess the quality of all hats around the world. On some hats, you will see on the inside headband an inscription indicating the number of Xs (20X for example). The more there are Xs, the more the hat is of quality.

Defining the quality of a felt.

Quality is a subjective notion. It could be the capacity of a hat to be foldable and regain its shapes; it could be its capacity to withstand rain; its capacity to keep its shapes regardless of the side from which blows the wind; even its capacity to maintain its initial color.

But a difference can be made as for the density of the felt. The more the fibres are tightened, the more the hat will be lively and keep its shape. A high density hat will be less vulnerable to stains and rain because its fibres will be more ‘’welded’’. A way to test the density? Press a needle into the felt. You will feel a strong resistance when the density is high, and then its quality is optimum.

Felt is not woven, does not fray and last long!

Felt is a textile made of wool and/or fur fibres that overlap due to the combination of heat, water and pression. Because this is a non-woven material, it does not fray and is relatively long-lasting. Its origins have been located in the Ancient Greece but its at the end of the nineteenth century when felt hats began to show off into the US. There are two felt types: the wool felt, the less expensive, and the fur felt which is more durable.

So, wool or fur?

A wool fur hat will proudly maintain its colors, stand up the heavy wear at ease and keep its finishing touches unspoilt. Ritch Rand says, «There is a market of wool felt hats. They’re comfrortable to wear, are not that expensive and you can wear it when it’s really cold […]. But if you want an accessory that will last longer, with a slightly more designed shape and a better sensation, then you’ll need to consider fur felt hat». There are dozens of fur types: rabbit, hare, coypus, beaver… But they’re all different. Each type of hat has its combination of fur. Beaver fur mixed with rabbit fur will render a different result than if it were mixed with hare fur.

Our selection
£ 6.50
Hat Box BCBG
Can hold 1 or 2 hats with brim less than 8 cm
Dimensions 38 x 33 x 16.5 cm
£ 6.50
Marky Hat Box Marky
Can hold 1 or 2 hats with brim less than 8 cm
Dimensions 38 x 33 x 16.5 cm
£ 35.50
Wool felt
Made in Italy
£ 66.90
Flechet Antoine
Wool felt
Water resistant
£ 31.90
Classic Trilby Feutre
Wool felt
Made in Italy
£ 38.00
Nude Traveller Teardrop
Wool felt
Crushable - Water resistant
£ 38.00
Nude Traveller Center Dent
Wool felt
Water resistant - Crushable
£ 40.90
Classic Traveller II
Wool felt
Made in Italy
£ 71.00
Stetson Coeman
Crushable and water resistant
£ 65.00
Marky Le Nouvel Eternel
Made in France
Crushable - Waterproof
£ 44.50
Marky Le Grapheur
Made in France
£ 54.00
Marky L'Urbain
Made in France

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