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Winter 2021: The trends
This season, we dare colors and textures, an explosion of colors and prints, textures with welcoming matters...

The hat guide.
Read our tips and shed light on that.

Summer 2021: The trends
The most fashionable headgear of the season. From the blue, the orangey, pink, velvet, bohemian, romantic...

The newsboy cap
Everything you need to know about the newsboy cap: from workers to the newspaper seller.

The best 5 reasons to wear a hat
From the boater hat to the linen cap, the usage of the headgear is almost as old as the world itself. Discover all the reasons for which you need to wear one.

The Fedora history
Let us tell you the Fedora history

The trilby hat, a timeless one!
Discover the trilby hat: an inescapable that is still seducing the wearing-hat heads!

The different qualities of the weaving of panama hats
Learn the secret of the quality grades of panamas

Which festival hat to wear this summer?
Are you rock, pop or rap? Anyway, as long as you're wearing a festival hat!

Choosing properly your wedding hat.
You've received your invitation card, learn which choice is the best for your ceremonial hat.

The French beret: a so Frenchy headwear.
Assume your retro side with this timeless accessory - the French beret.

The boater: fetish accessory of the beautiful days.
Here comes the summer, choose then a boater!

The different shapes of beanies.
Long, short, pom or turned-up...everyone has their own style.

Determining the quality of your felt hat.
Lear how to differentiate the type of felt of your hats.

Porkpie: stop before the mythical hat of Walter White.
Porkpie: re-discover again the hat of the series.

The floppy hat: the « so » feminine woman hat
Before being synonym of elegance and of femininity...

Maintaining, Cleaning Straw Hat and Panama
For you to keep on showing off in society, start taking care of it here.

How to measure your head circumference: hat and cap.
I even don't know! Find tips just here!

The different shapes of cap and French beret.
Quick scan of the big family of caps.

The different shapes of hat
Yes, there are many types and we're going to shed some light on all of them.

How to maintain your headgear?
Take care of it and allow it to keep on showing off in society.

Cleaning your cloth hat or cap.
Tips to clean well your hat

Properly choose your cap according to your face shape.
Just find the fundamentals to prevent the worst!

Indiana Jones' hat: The Traveller
The must-have for every self-respecting adventurer

Choosing properly your hat according to your morphology, your face shape.
Choosing the appropriate model is not easy. Here are a few tips to become an expert of the matter!

Peaky Blinders: The caps of the series.
Why Shelby brothers can never get rid of it.

Maintenance and cleaning of your cap
Tips and tricks to pamper your favorite cap

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